Goal: To view your full Giddy wallet including networks and coins the app doesn't support

Step 1: 
On the Giddy app select the Profile Icon in the top right of the app.
A screenshot of the Giddy App Home page highlighting the Profile Button
Step 2:
From the Profile Menu select the "Export Private Key" option

***Important Note: this key gives complete access to your crypto as if they were you so keep it safe and destroy any record of it outside the Giddy app as soon as you are done using it. ***
A screenshot of the Giddy Profile Menu highlighting the Export Private Key option

Step 3:
In the Metamask app select your Account Image.
A screenshot of the Metamask app highlighting the Account Image
Step 4:
Select Import Account from the options.

A screenshot of the metamask app highlighting the Import Account Option
Step 5:
Using your Giddy Private Key enter it in the box below. And then follow the prompts to confirm and import.

A screenshot of the Metamask Private Key entry field
Step 6:
When you are done, we highly suggest you destroy any record of your Private key digital or physical and remove the account from Metamask.