Goal: To move Giddy or USDC coins from MetaMask to your Giddy wallet

You will need your Giddy Wallet Address. Please click the wallet below to get your address before starting.
Stock Giddy Wallet

Step 1: 
Login to your MetaMask account or app, select your Giddy or USDC coin from your Token List.
Screenshot of metmask wallet highlighting Giddy coin
Step 2:
Select Send from the action menu.

Screenshot of metmask coin screen highlighting the send function

Step 3:
Paste your Giddy address in the To field or select your Giddy Address from the list below if you had it saved.
Screenshot of metamask address book highlighting the to field
Step 4:
Ensure your To and From addresses are right and then select Next at the bottom.

Screenshot of metamask to and from screen with next highlighted

Step 5:
Make sure your network at the top says Polygon, your coin is set to Giddy or USDC and then enter the amount to send and select Next.
Screenshot of metamask send screen highlighting network, giddy coin, and the amount
Step 6:
Confirm and review your selections, specifically the network is Polygon,n and you are only sending Giddy or USDC.

Screenshot of the metamask send confirmation screen
Open your Giddy wallet and confirm delivery.