Goal: To buy USDC coins from Coinbase and move to your Giddy wallet using Coinbase Pay

Step 1: 
Login to your Giddy app, select Add Funds
Giddy Screenshot showing home page and the Add funds button
Step 2:
Select Coinbase Pay

Giddy Screenshot of the add funds screen highlighting coinbase pay

Step 3:
Login to an existing Coinbase Account or create a new one, you will need a payment method created.

Giddy and Coinbase stock image
Step 4:
Once logged in you will see this screen, set your pay with at the bottom to the right payment method, and then set the amount you want to purchase in the middle.
Coinbase enter value screenshot

Step 5:
Select the Preview Buy button once your amount and payment method are set.
Coinbase preview value page
Step 6:
Ensure your transaction details are correct, specifically that the network is Polygon, and the To is Giddy. After review select Confirm.
Coinbase transaction confirmation screen
 Step 7:
You can show details on the receipt, once done click the "X" in the top left to return to Giddy.

Coinbase receipt screen
It can take up to 10 minutes, for your transaction to process
If after 10 minutes it hasn't arrived in Giddy go check your Coinbase account as most often it buys the coin but then never sends it to Giddy.
For most troubleshooting you will need to contact Coinbase Support.