Goal: To move USDC coins from CoinBase to your Giddy wallet

You will need your Giddy Wallet Address. Please click the wallet below to get your address before starting.

Step 1: 
Login to your CoinBase account or app, select Home, and then select Buy from the quick actions.
**You can only transfer USDC on the Polygon Network to your Giddy Wallet.
Step 2:
Select USD Coin from the list of coins to purchase.

Step 3:
Enter the amount you want to purchase, and select a payment method. 

**Payment methods might take a few days to verify before being used.
Step 4:
Confirm your selections before continuing.

Step 5:
Select Done to return to the Home Screen
Step 6:
On the Home Screen, select Send

 Step 7:
Make sure the coin says USD Coin and enter the amount you want to transfer

**There will be a fee so either use MAX in the top left or hold some back to cover a fee
Step 8:
You might get prompted to send crypto to a friend you can skip this step using Not Now

Step 9:
Paste your Giddy Wallet address in the To field at the top
**You can get your Giddy Wallet Address from the note at the top of this page. 
Step 10:
You will now see the transaction setup screen; we need to change the network to Polygon so select network from this page

Step 11:
Select Polygon from the pop-up list
Step 12:
Once everything looks right select Send Now
Step 13:
You get a receipt and in a few minutes your USD Coin should show up in your Giddy Wallet