Goal: To find and access your public Giddy Wallet address

Step 1: 
Login to the Giddy App, and select Add Funds from the Wallet page
Screenshot of the Giddy wallet highlighting the Wallet Button
Step 2:
Select Deposit Crypto

Screenshot of the Giddy app highlighting the Deposit Crypto Button

Step 3:
You will get 2 screens with warnings and tips we suggest you read and understand them before moving on.
Screenshot of a notice within the Giddy app, explaining why it's important to keep your address secureScreenshot of a notice within the Giddy app about using the polygon network
Step 4:
Select the Copy option to copy your public address. You will need to use this address when moving tokens from other wallets to Giddy.

Screenshot of address page and QR code inside Giddy App