Goal: To move USDC coins from crypto.com to your Giddy wallet

You will need your Giddy Wallet Address. Please click the wallet below to get your address before starting.

Step 1: 
Login to your Crypto.com account or app, select Accounts, and finally select the Wallet you want to withdraw from.
**You can only transfer USDC on the Polygon Network to your Giddy Wallet.

Step 2:
Select the Transfer Option towards the top of the page

Step 3:
In the pop-up at the bottom select Withdraw

Step 4:
In the next pop-up select External Wallet.

Step 5:
Select the + Wallet Address link to add your Giddy wallet address.

Step 6:
In the list of coins find and select USD Coin (USDC).

 Step 7:
Make sure you set the network to Polygon, paste your Giddy address in the Wallet Address (Polygon) field, and give it a name in the Wallet Name field before selecting Continue.

Step 8:
You should now see a wallet you can Withdraw to. Select your new wallet and enter the amount of USDC you want to move to Giddy.