Goal: To Withdraw or break apart the GIDDY-USDC LP

You must unstake your LP to begin this process 
Step 1: 
Go to SushiSwap, make sure your wallet is connected in the top right.
Step 2:
Use this link Find Pool | Sushi, you can also select Legacy and then Import. 

Step 3:
Select top token, set it to USDC.
SushiSwap screenshot of import pool with 2 coin fields
Step 4:
Select Second Token, click "Manage Token Lists". 

You can also try searching for GIDDY in the list if it's already imported into your wallet (Skip to Step 9 if it's there).
Screenshot of sushiswap showing manage token lists
Step 5:
Set toggle at the top from Lists to Tokens.
Screenshot from sushiswap showing the lists button
Step 6:
Paste    0x67eB41A14C0fe5CD701FC9d5A3D6597A72F641a6   in the search field.

Screenshot of sushiswap showing the tokens toggle and the field to paste an address
 Step 7:
Select Giddy Token.
Sushiswap screenshot from manage token list with the giddy address filled in
Step 8:
Select Import.
sushiswap screenshot with an unknown source warning.
Step 9:
Select Manage this pool.
Sushiswap screenshot showing USDC and Giddy coin being merged into a pool
Step 10:
Select the drop down for USDC-GIDDY
sushiswap showing USDC-GIDDY position overview
Step 11:
Select Remove.
Position over view screenshot in sushiswap showing values for USDC-GIDDY
Step 12:
Enter the percent to withdraw, up to 100% to withdraw everything.
Remove liquidity screen in sushiswap asking for a percentage to remove.
Step 13:
Click Approve and Confirm between your wallet and the prompts until the transaction goes through.

Remove liquidity approval screen in sushiswap

Remove liquidity confirmation screen in sushiswap

Confirmation screen 2 for removing liquidity in sushiswap

transaction receipt for remove liquidity in sushiswap

receipt for remove liquidity transaction on sushiswap