Goal: To connect your external crypto wallet to Giddy, stake your coins, and earn Giddy token
Step 1: 
On your computer open coinlaunch.giddy.co
Giddy dApp screenshot showing the Giddy launch pools
Step 2:

Select Connect Wallet, top right of the page

Step 3:

Select MetaMask or Wallet Connect

Giddy dApp connect wallet screen showing metamask and wallet connect
Step 4:

Follow the onscreen prompts to login to your selected wallet and link it to the Giddy dApp

Step 5:

Your wallet must be on the Polygon network, you will also need to have one or more coins from the list in your wallet.

Step 6:

Select the coin you want to stake from the list

You will get a pop-up outlining the coin you selected, and how many you have in your wallet available to stake.

Select the amount or select the MAX to pick the full available amount. 

You can also select the "Get <coin>" to direct link to SushiSwap.

Giddy staking screenshot showing position and amount to stake
Step 7:

Now select the Approve button (Step 1 in screenshot above)

If you have your wallet extension installed it will pop-up asking for approval

Step 8:

Stake (Step 2 in screenshot above) will now be available, select that

Your Wallet extension will ask for approval again

Step 9:

You can see your Stakes, your potential rewards earned per day and the rewards earned and ready to harvest for each token you have staked

Step 10:

Using the Harvest Rewards button, you can collect all your available rewards

Step 11: 

Make sure after you harvest to stake your freshly harvested Giddy Coin, steps 6-8 selecting Giddy from the coin list


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