Giddy Coin dApp

Step 1: Go to Giddy Coin

Step 2: Select Connect Wallet

  • Select Connect Wallet, top left of the page

Step 3: Select MetaMask or Wallet Connect

Step 4: Use your wallet credentials to login and connect

  • Follow the onscreen prompts to login to your selected wallet and link it to the Giddy dApp

Step 5: Ensure your wallet is on the Polygon network

  • Your wallet must be on the Polygon network, you will also need to have one or more coins from the list in your wallet.

Step 6: Select the coin you want to stake and from the pop-up select the amount

  • You will get a pop-up outlining the coin you selected, and how many you have in your wallet available to stake.
  • Select the amount or select the MAX to pick the full available amount. 
  • You can also select the "Get <coin>" to direct link to SushiSwap.

Step 7: Approve the amount on Giddy and then your wallet

  • Now select the Approve button (Step 1)
  • If you have your wallet extension installed it will pop-up asking for approval

Step 8: Press stake and approve the stake on your wallet

  • Stake (Step 2) will now be available, select that
  • Your Wallet extension will ask for approval again

Step 9: Watch your Rewards accumulate!

  • You can see your Stakes, your potential rewards earned per day and the rewards earned and ready to harvest for each token you have staked

Step 10: Collect your rewards with the Harvest Rewards button

  • Using the Harvest Rewards button, you can collect all your available rewards

Step 11: Don't forget to stake your gained Giddy Coin to earn Giddy Coin on your Giddy Coin!

  • Make sure after you harvest to stake your freshly harvested Giddy Coin, step 6 selecting Giddy from the coin list

Video walk through